How to Find Internships

Self assessment is important as you start your search for an internship. Know what you are looking for in order to find your ideal fit.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Sample Starting Questions

    • What skills are you looking to gain?
    • What field(s) are you interested in?
    • Are you location-bound?
    • Are you looking for paid/high salary opportunities or are you able to be flexible?
    • What office culture/environment do you thrive in?
    • What are your values? Does this position and organization uphold them?
    • Are you looking for a job that will pay bills, or directly relates to your career goals?
    • How qualified are you in relation to the position description?

After you’ve assessed your needs and interests, spend time preparing your application materials and utilizing helpful tools for the search process.

  • Prepare for the Search

    • Self-Assessment. See questions above.
    • Résumé. Create/update a draft/template.
    • Cover letter. Create/update a draft/template.
    • LinkedIn. Create/update profile.
    • Application tracking sheet. Develop in Excel/Google Sheets.
    • Timeline. Review industry-specific recruitment timeline.
    • Make time. Schedule time for job/internship-related tasks and research.


Utilize our tools and resources to find opportunities that are the best fit for you. Begin your search in Launchpad, through the Career and Identity/Affinity Community pages or the Full Time Jobs and Employers and Mentors sections under the “Explore Opportunities” tab. These resources will help you identify internships, employers, and mentors that are of interest to you.

There are other resources out there to help you in your search:

After you’ve done your research, it’s time to apply your knowledge and send in your applications.

Take Action:

  • Search and connect with people on LinkedIn
  • Customize each résumé and cover letter per job description
  • Review application materials with the Career Center
  • Prepare interview questions and responses
  • Send thank you letters to all interviewers and everyone who has helped you with this process 

How to Register Internships

To register your internship, you must thoroughly read and complete the Student Learning Contract.

  • This involves a signature from yourself, your job supervisor, and a faculty member from Drew who would oversee the final paper requirement expected from you. 
  • If you would like this internship to count towards your major/minor, then the faculty member must be in your department and the department chair is also expected to sign off on the Student Learning Contract. 
  • Be sure to also include how many credits you intend to take this for. Adhere to the hours of work expected of you dependent on how many credits you are taking for this course.

Additionally, because our office no longer takes paper copies, you must upload everything as a PDF to Moodle, our academic database for students to submit assignments. 

  • If you are interested in and intend to register your internship, please email to be added to the Moodle page for Internships. 

Lastly, if you are interested in receiving financial assistance, you are encouraged you to apply for an internship award, preferably when your internship registration is in a more finalized status. Please be aware that awards are not guaranteed for any student.

Please be aware that there is a $350 cost associated with summer and Jan Term internships, regardless of a 0, 2, or 4 credit internship, with a $25 application fee. If you have questions regarding this fee, please contact Student Accounts by email at