How to Identify an Immersive Experience

What Is an Immersive Experience Again?

Starting with the Class of 2023, all Drew students graduate having completed at least two immersive experiences. These experiences could include: an internship, a full-semester domestic or international off-campus program, a short TREC experience, a community-based learning course, a mentored research, civic, or creative project, or participation in a mentored leadership position.

Immersive experiences require a minimum of 45 hours to complete all components. They may or may not be credit bearing and they may or may not be paid. Many immersive experiences begin with the normal registration steps, while others have an application process.  

Use the Resources at your Disposal

You don’t need to wait to begin looking. In addition to all of the on-campus experiences that qualify as immersive, Launchpad has a number of resources to help you look for external immersive experiences on your own under the “Explore Opportunities” tab.

And don’t forget about the Career and Identity/Affinity Communities. Each community page features links to resources and opportunities specific to your interests. Explore these communities or speak to a Launch catalyst to see what communities might have opportunities that are a good fit for you.

Things to Keep in Mind in Your Search:

Speak with an Advisor or Staff from the Center for Immersive Learning and Career Design

Students choose immersive experiences in consultation with their academic advisors, Launch consultants, and mentors. They can point you in the right direction and help you make the connection between your field of study, prior work and internship experiences, and an immersive experience that will help you enhance your transferable skills and prepare for future opportunities. Speak to your academic advisor, a faculty mentor, a Launch catalyst, a Drew staff member or campus employment supervisor, or even an alum or other mentor.

Connect with a Mentor

Launchpad is the perfect resource for you to speak with Drew alums or other community member in fields of interest to you and expand your network of mentors. Through their professional track, alums and other community members may offer unique insights into immersive experiences that will best benefit and prepare you for life after Drew—whether that includes an initial  job or graduate study.


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Internships & Jobs of the Week: Social Impact, Education, Law & Govenment

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