How to Study Abroad

First Year

  • Consider applying to a shortTREC. Students are eligible to participate in these programs as early as January of first year.
  • Express your interest in global education to your advisor, professors, and family members.
  • Research global education programs at
  • Apply for a passport.
  • Educate yourself about course prerequisites for nycTRECS so you’re ready to apply in your sophomore or junior year.

Sophomore Year

  • Learn more about studying abroad at the September Study Abroad Fair and program information sessions.
  • Discuss global education plans with your advisor, professors, and relatives.
  • Choose your program based on goals, needs, and interests.
  • Note application deadlines, plan a budget and consult with the Office of Financial Assistance.
  • Apply to the Center for Global Education for longTREC and nycTREC programs taking place during the fall semester of junior year.
  • Take part in a shortTREC during January break, spring break, or summer.

Junior Year

  • This is the most likely time for your longTREC or nycTREC.
  • Apply for longTREC and nycTREC programs taking place in spring of junior year of fall of senior year.
  • Take part in a shortTREC during January break, spring break, or summer.

Senior Year

  • Meet with the Launch Center for Immersive Learning & Career Design about incorporating study abroad into graduate school and career plans.
  • Apply to nycTRECs taking place in the spring semester of senior year.
  • Take part in a shortTREC during January or spring break.
  • Tell other students about the benefits of global education.


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