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Identity / Affinity Communities

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What Are Identity/Affinity Communities?

From research we have learned that college student participation in learning communities produces higher levels of academic effort and outcomes; student learning construction and assimilation; personal, interpersonal, social, and intercultural development; and retention and success.

At Drew we are promoting inclusive and integrated learning communities comprised by students, alums, family members, employers, faculty, staff, and community members. The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) encourages active engagement in the Launch Career and Identity/Affinity Communities to pursue and facilitate customized cultural and career development opportunities, networks, support, programs, and resources.

There are 18 distinct Launch communities. About half of them have a career-development focus and the other half have a culture-development focus based on the identity/affinity of its members. The Launch Identity/Affinity Communities have joint oversight from the DEI Office for design, implementation, and function.

The Launch Identity/Affinity Communities are groups of like-minded people who care about the issues impacting that particular community, as well as the contributions of that community to the institution and beyond. Members of each Identity/Affinity Community collaboratively design and promote healthy and sustainable approaches to meeting their needs and contributing to their systems. Join as many communities as you choose; you are welcome here!

Women’s History Month: How It Started and How to Celebrate


The month-long celebration is a chance to acknowledge women’s contributions to history, culture and society and has been observed annually in March since 1987 in the United States. Discover its history and how it is celebrated today by clicking HERE.

Posted by Hannah Faustmann
Hannah Faustmann Assistant Director, Center for Global Education Hannah Faustmann
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Women’s History Month: Women of Color Whose Names You Should Know


These 36 leaders in varied fields, broke both gender and racial barriers as they made history. While the list is  by-no-means-comprehensive, discover the stories of 36 women of color, past and present who made a positive impact on the world. …

Posted by Hannah Faustmann
Hannah Faustmann Assistant Director, Center for Global Education Hannah Faustmann
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Student Spotlight: Janak Malla C’21

janak photo 2

Janak Malla  C’21
Majors: Computer Science and Business
Minor: Data Science
Launch Career Communities: Science, Technology, Engineering & Sustainability and Business, Finance & Entrepreneurship
Launch Identity/Affinity Community: International Student
Mentor for Action Scholars
Club Soccer
 Member of The Fund
Student …

Posted by Yasmin Acosta
Yasmin Acosta Launch Catalyst Yasmin Acosta
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Immigration Reform Bill – US Citizenship Act of 2021


Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey recently introduced the US Citizenship Act of 2021 that has provisions to improve the international student experience, including efforts to revise the pathway to citizenship for highly skilled graduates and reform visa requirements for F-1 …

Posted by Max Zhang
Max Zhang Experiential Education Specialist; Chinese Language & Culture Advisor Max Zhang
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The 20 Best Financial Services Companies to Work For As Rated by the Women Who Work There (March 2021)


Looking for a new job in financial services? Check our list of the most female-friendly employers in the industry, as rated by the women who work there.

InHerSight’s list of the best financial services companies for women is based on …

Posted by Yasmin Acosta
Yasmin Acosta Launch Catalyst Yasmin Acosta
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Women’s Scholarship

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Rise First

At Rise First, we are a committed team of first-generation students and professionals working with our founder, Cindy Rentala, to … Working Parent College Scholarship Award

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New Courses and Special Electives

REL 292 – Comparative Religion: International Topics

An intermediate course in the study of Comparative Religion. This course introduces students to the comparative method in the study…

REL 101 – Introduction to World Religions

An introduction to the study of religion through an examination of the world religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and…

SOC 206 – Sociology of Religion

An introduction to the sociology of religion. Discusses classical and contemporary theorists such as Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Wuthnow, Corbett, Bellah;…

ARCR 831 – Conflict Resolution for Clergy

Religious leaders from virtually all faiths view serving their communities as peacemakers as part of their calling, and they are…

DREW 110 – Launch Workshop: Preparation for Career and Academic Success

This course is a structured, facilitated classroom experience that moves beyond traditional academic advising into multiple domains: self/context-exploration, major and…

Social Policy and Inequality in America (Honors)

Prof. Patrick McGuinn
This course is an online, upper-level, community-based learning seminar on social policy and inequality in America for students interested in…

HIST 323 – African-American Intellectual and Social History

A study of the intellectual arguments and social institutions that have empowered African–American leaders and the masses to maintain and…

Homelessness: Learning in Action

Prof. Judy Pryor Ramirez
Students will engage the issue of homelessness and the role faith communities play in addressing it through Drew University’s Neighbors-in-Need…

REL 264 – Topics in Asian Religions

An in-depth study of a selected religious topic pertaining to South Asian, Southeast Asian, and East Asian cultures, considered either…

Memories and Migration: U.S. Latinos in Literature & Film – SPAN 320

This course studies works that follow the tradition of the (auto)biographical and life writings modes of self-representation as they examine…

REL 204 – Native American Religions

This course investigates the origins of Native American religions, how they have changed, the reasons for those changes, and how…

PSCI 318 – Race and Politics

This course will examine the role of race in American politics and its contemporary significance to the nation’s citizens, politicians,…

LAST 101 – Societies of Latin America and the Caribbean

From Patagonia to the Rio Grande, from the Andean Altiplano to the Islands of the Antilles, Latin America and the…

WGST 101 – Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

An interdisciplinary course designed to lay the groundwork for the women’s and gender studies major and minor. Also appropriate as…

WGST 201/ PSCI 241/ Global Feminisms

Prof. Arango-Vargas
This course examines women’s movements internationally and globally. It explores the variations in constructions of sex, gender and gender difference…

WGST 310/ Contemporary Feminist Theory and Methodology

Prof. Kolmar
An interdisciplinary course focused on contemporary feminist theory. The objectives of the course are: first, to explore the broad range…

WGST 211K1/ Spirituality, Gender and the Media

Prof. Pechilis
The course examines the intersections of gender analysis, alternative spirituality movements and mass media in late Western modernity (1960s-present), focusing…

WGST 211/ANTH 206/ Anthropology of Gender

Prof. Arango-Vargas
A study of gender across cultures and of the key perspectives produced by anthropologists to analyze it. The course explores…