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Encouraging a Community of Proactive Bystanders

Learning from a 2019 campus incident.

Posted by Justin Jackson
Justin Jackson Director of Digital Communications & Strategy Justin Jackson
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4 Ph.D. neuroscience students from other countries share the challenges of studying in the US

(The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.)

(THE CONVERSATION) International students make important contributions to the U.S. They can enrich scientific research through diversity of thought. They pay taxes, support businesses …

Posted by Julia Hrynkiewicz
Julia Hrynkiewicz Profile Picture
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Ways Colleges Offer Alternatives to Study Abroad

Virtual global education programs rise in popularity as the coronavirus pandemic continues to restrict travel.

Not everyone has the ability to travel due to financial constraints, immigration complications or family situations, so virtual international education provides access to students who …

Posted by Julia Hrynkiewicz
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Choosing Between Housing on or off Campus

The sticker price for off-campus housing may look cheaper, but students should be aware of hidden costs.

First-year college students often are expected or required to live in residence halls or dormitories. In subsequent years, it’s usually up to those …

Posted by Julia Hrynkiewicz
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Drew Performing Arts Access Coordinators

Are you interested in making the performing arts at Drew more accessible?
Join the Drew Performing Arts Access Coordinators (DPAAC)!

We are looking for new members to become access coordinators at our spring semester productions for captioning, audio descriptions, and …

Posted by Dan Loughrey
Dan Loughrey Assistant Director Dan Loughrey
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New Courses and Special Electives

DREW 110 – Launch Workshop: Preparation for Career and Academic Success

This course is a structured, facilitated classroom experience that moves beyond traditional academic advising into multiple domains: self/context-exploration, major and…

Allied Against Hatred: Black-Jewish Relations in America

Jonathan Golden
The Civil Rights Era was known as a time of alliance and affinity between Jewish and Black people in America.…