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The Most Successful College Students Swear by These 5 Things

Being successful in college means getting the best grades you can. This sets you up for success after college, both academically and financially. But what does success really look like when you break it down?    To be a successful college student, …

Posted by Julia Hrynkiewicz
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In her name: securing land tenure for women in Zambia

Gender expert Thais Bessa describes how inclusive technology, a gender-responsive documentation process and shifting gender norms are empowering women through secure land rights.

Guest blog by
15 October 2021

Thais Bessa is global gender advisor for the USAID Integrated …

Posted by Linwood Riddick
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Integrating gender and intersectionality in social protection programmes

Reflecting on recent IIED research examining the impact of COVID-19 on women in India, Tracy Kajumba and Ritu Bharadwaj explain why gender and intersectionality must be embedded in social protection programmes.
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7 September …
Posted by Linwood Riddick
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Zambia’s chiefs champion gender equality in land and natural resource governance

Guest blogger Zenebech Mesfin describes the efforts of Zambian traditional leaders to promote gender equality in the management of land and natural resources at the national level.

Guest blog by
6 September 2021

Zenebech Mesfin is a gender assistant …

Posted by Linwood Riddick
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Addressing Anti-Asian Racism: Q&A with Lu Dong and Jennifer Bouey

by Lu Dong, Jennifer Bouey, Michael D. Rich

September 8, 2021

Jennifer Bouey had a warning for the members of Congress sitting in front of her. It was March 2020. Schools were closing, streets were emptying, and she was testifying …

Posted by Linwood Riddick
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Jonathan Golden
The Civil Rights Era was known as a time of alliance and affinity between Jewish and Black people in America.…