I have a vision of the world as a global village, a world without boundaries.”— Christa McAuliffe

To prepare our students for a global job market of higher mobility and tighter interconnectedness than ever, Drew is devoted to cultivating the next generation of world leaders in all industries. This career community is intended to provide resources and opportunities to all globally-minded Drew students who are open to learning the ways of becoming world citizens.

We bring the world to Drew by offering our students many on-campus intercultural programs. Through them, students make meaningful friendships with international students, establish their global network, grow strong intercultural competencies, and adopt a global perspective.

We take Drew to the world by providing our students with a variety of study away programs. Through them, students immerse themselves in exciting and foreign environments, obtain and absorb new knowledge about the massive and beautiful world that’s out there.

Student Built Service Aggregates Remote Internships With Status Updates

Student Built Service Aggregates Remote Internships With Status Updates

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention and in the wake of Covid-19, many students are in need of remote internship opportunities.  Wade Fletcher, a student at Indiana University, saw this need and created COVINTERN, a …

Posted by Daniel Pascoe
Daniel Pascoe Associate Provost Daniel Pascoe
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The Corona Virus Underscores Inequality In The College Student Experience

The Corona Virus Underscores Inequality In The College Student Experience

For students, regardless of circumstances, the college experience often had the ability to level the field and add an element of equality.  Now that the corona virus has forced students out of the on campus environment, it is underscoring how …

Posted by Sari Pascoe
Sari Pascoe Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Sari Pascoe
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GoinGlobal Student Resource Sessions

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Interested in finding a job or internship across town or around the world? GoinGlobal is offering several student-focused sessions:

Learn how to connect your career objectives with hiring opportunities by identifying key employers and industry contacts for informational interviews and …

Posted by Dan Loughrey
Dan Loughrey Logistics Manager Dan Loughrey
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Kick off your job/internship search effectively using Handshake!


Much of today’s job hunt has moved online, and there are plenty of ways to stand out from the crowd without making in-person connections. 

Handshake has more opportunities for students and recent grads than anywhere else!  The best thing to …

Posted by Carolyn Parelli
Carolyn Parelli Associate Director Carolyn Parelli
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