You’re in your third year of college, with plenty still to explore. Now is the time when much of your plans will begin to crystallize as you refine your path and build on your networks and experiences. Keep taking steps to realize your goals!

Find Your Next Internship

Visit Launchpad to add another internship to your transcript. The Career and Identity/Affinity Communities and the Full Time Job and Employers pages are great places to start. Keep in mind that many summer opportunities fill up quickly (even before the end of the Fall semester), so check Launchpad early and often.

Expand Your Network of Mentors

Take advantage the Mentors page on Launchpad or Drew Connect to network with alumnx and other community members, whether you’re looking to land an internship or to learn more about a particular profession or pathway. 

Consider Graduate School

If grad school is a possibility, start your research now. Speak to a team member from the Center for Immersive Learning and Career Design or a Career or Identity/Affinity Community expert. Resources for students interested in pre-law, K–12 education, and medicine and health professions can be found on those respective community pages. Contact the Career Center to learn about requirements, deadlines, programs, and other considerations. Remember that you will have to register for admission tests!

Stay Involved on Campus

Step into leadership roles or join new groups that are of interest to you. Keep an eye out for events where you can network or learn more about life after Drew.

Student Spotlight: Bree Scotti C’21

bree scotti

Brianna Scotti  C’21                          
Majors: Business and Studio Art
Minor: French
Launch Career Community: Business, Finance & Entrepreneurship and Arts, Communications & Languages
Launch Identity/Affinity Community: First-Generation
Chief Financial Officer of Residence Hall Association
Club Soccer team
Basketball (freshman year)

What …

Posted by Yasmin Acosta
Yasmin Acosta Launch Catalyst Yasmin Acosta
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Resilience of a First Generation Student: Five Lessons


First generation college students are often hardworking and adapt well to stress, but their well-being can suffer during the journey of adaptation. Learn and share five lessons from a first gen.

I could talk endlessly about being a first-generation college …

Posted by Yasmin Acosta
Yasmin Acosta Launch Catalyst Yasmin Acosta
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30 Memorable First Generation College Student Statistics

first gen photo

The first generation college student statistics you’ll find below direct attention to a complex and prominent issue. 50% of the student population will start college this year at a serious disadvantage – their parents didn’t go to college.

Now: The issue …

Posted by Yasmin Acosta
Yasmin Acosta Launch Catalyst Yasmin Acosta
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What to Consider When Choosing a Volunteer Position

What to Consider When Choosing a Volunteer Position thumbnail image

A year ago, two of my best friends—a married couple, in their 30s, with children—decided to quit their jobs and spend some time doing volunteer work. After a lot of research and deliberation, they chose an intentional community in Georgia …

By Phil Stott - Vault
A comprehensive resource for students and job seekers looking for career advice, job postings, company reviews from employees, and rankings of the best companies and industry employers.
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How to Survive Your First Week as a Software Engineer

How to Survive Your First Week as a Software Engineer thumbnail image

So you’ve landed your first role as a software engineer—congrats! Now that you’ve signed your employment agreement and gone through any onboarding, you’re ready to dive into your first week on the job.

Use this handy guide to help you …

By Simona Galant - Springboard
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