Science, Technology, Engineering & Sustainability

Student Spotlight: Shady Barsoom ’22

Shady Barsoom ‘22

Major: Neuroscience
Launch Career Community: Science, Technology, Engineering & Sustainability
Launch Identity/Affinity Communities: Commuter and Faith, Religion & Spirituality
Baldwin Honors Scholar
Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society
 Nu Rho Sci  (National Honor Society in Neuroscience)
Vice-president of …

Posted by Yasmin Acosta
Yasmin Acosta Launch Catalyst Yasmin Acosta
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Why Writing Skills Are Important for Every Job—and How to Improve Yours

Have you ever sent an email no one seemed to understand that ended up derailing the timeline for an entire project? Or written a report that you then had to explain verbally to everyone after they read it?

Even if …

By Regina Borsellino - The Muse
The Muse
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Why Deep Nostalgia Became an AI-Powered Internet Sensation

In less than 3 weeks of its release, a new AI-powered service called Deep Nostalgia has become an internet sensation. Some call it creepy; for others, it’s magical. Licensed from D-ID (an Israeli company that specializes in video reenactment) by …

By Jatin Chaudhary - Springboard
Bridging the world's skills gap through affordable, high-quality, online education.
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What to Do When Your Job Is Hurting Your Mental Health

Although improved awareness around mental health has made workplaces more attuned to supporting struggling employees, some workplaces are still making employees’ mental health worse. And not only is poor mental health detrimental to you on a personal level, but it can …

By Daisy Sawyer - Vault
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Using Big Data to Improve Equity, Sustainability and Prosperity for Our Community Members

Mark your calendars for Thursday and Friday, April 29 & 30 for the New Jersey Big Data Alliance’s 8th annual symposium hosted this year by Princeton University.  Our 2021 event will showcase how our state, cities, and communities use big data to improve …

Posted by Amy Sugerman
Amy Sugerman Assistant Director, Center for Civic Engagement Amy Sugerman
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New Courses and Special Electives

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Lisa Jordan
This course introduces Geographic Information Systems (GIS): a combination of the hardware, software, and community involved in the collection, distribution,…

Food, Justice, and US Literature

Summer HArrison
This course examines the intersection of food, justice, and 20th/21st century U.S. literature in order to understand how our ideas…

Medical Geography

Lisa Jordan
Medical Geography investigates the intersections of health and place. The objectives of the course are to illuminate the importance of…

Geographic Information Systems

Lisa Jordan
This course introduces Geographic Information Systems (GIS): a combination of the hardware, software, and community involved in the collection, distribution,…

Advanced Geographic Information Systems

Lisa Jordan
Advanced Geographic Information Systems expands on introductory GIS material by exploring topics in spatial statistics, programming, and multimedia.  Research topics…

Innovation Action Lab

Susan Rosenbloom
Innovation Action Lab (CE-270) is a 2 credit course that students can enroll in which engages in creative problem solving…