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Spend summer, winter or spring break on an international course, designed and led by Drew faculty, where language and research skills meet real world experience. ShortTRECs are offered annually and are open to Drew students of all majors. Programs range from 2- 8-credits and can be between one and four weeks in length. If you are thinking about studying abroad on a TREC in 2022, you’ll need a passport. While this has always been an essential part of the study abroad process, COVID-19 has delayed passport processing times significantly. Even if you are not 100% sure about your TREC plans, still apply!


  • Winter and Spring Break: October 1
  • Summer: February 1

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    • How do I apply for a shortTREC?You must apply for a shortTREC through the Center for Global Education as places in shortTREC programs are limited. All applications should be received by the application closure date to be considered. The shortTREC application will be considered complete once the following are submitted online:
        1. Academic and personal statements
        2. Faculty recommendation (submitted through the application)
        3. Unofficial copy of your most recent transcript
        4. Verification of academic and disciplinary standing

      Submitted applications will be reviewed once the application deadline has passed. Please expect an email notification of your application status two to three weeks after the deadline.

    • How do I register for a shortTREC?Once you are accepted into the program you will register for the appropriate course no later than December 1st for January and spring break shortTRECs and May 1st for summer shortTRECs. Failure to register does not automatically withdraw you from the program and you will be expected to pay the program fee should you not notify the Center for Global Education of your withdrawal. You must register for the number of credits as required by the program. For course designators and credits, click LEARN MORE on the individual shortTREC pages.

      Are shortTRECs Graded?

      You will receive grades for these courses; the pass/unsatisfactory option does not apply to off-campus programs. You must continue in good academic and disciplinary standing in order to maintain your place in a program.

    • How much does the program cost? The program fee includes Drew tuition as well as in-country transportation, housing, some group meals, international health Insurance and fieldtrips, excursions, and cultural activities. Depending on the program location, airfare might or might not be included. To determine the program fee inclusions, click LEARN MORE on the individual shortTREC pages.

      How will my shortTREC be billed?

      The program fee is billed to your student account. The balance must be PAID IN FULL two weeks prior to the program start date.

      Is there a scholarship for a shortTREC?

      YES! All matriculated students at the time of participating on a shortTREC are eligible for a scholarship that on average covers about twenty five percent of the program costs. Graduated seniors, Pathway students or non-degree seeking students are not eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship application can be found in the shortTREC application and we encourage all eligible students to complete the application. Scholarship recipients will be notified shortly after acceptance to the program before the program deposit is due.

      You might also be eligible for national scholarships. You can explore a variety of study away scholarships on the Financing Your TREC page.

      There’s a deposit? How much?

      A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place in the program. You will submit the deposit to The Center for Global Education within two weeks of acceptance into the program. You may pay by check or credit card (Amex, VISA, Mastercard). This money will apply towards the cost of the program.  Please think carefully before paying your $500 deposit to hold your place in a shortTREC, especially if you have an outstanding balance on your student account. In order to register, your account must be clear with the Office of Student Accounts. If you are not able to register for the shortTREC by the registration deadline, you will forfeit your deposit and be withdrawn from the program.

      What if I withdraw from my shortTREC after I have committed? 

      If you wish to withdraw from a shortTREC before the program start date, you must notify the Center for Global Education via e-mail. If you withdraw on or after December 1 (for January or spring break shortTRECs) or May 1 (for summer shortTRECs), for any reason, you are responsible for paying 100% of the program fee.

      Is there a refund policy?

      If enrolled in a shortTREC or longTREC London Semester, you are automatically covered under Drew’s insurance policy with Educational & Institutional Insurance Administrators, Inc. (EIIA). EIIA’s International Insurance Program allows you to receive a refund for any of the covered reasons described in your trip cancellation or trip interruption coverage. It is your responsibility to read and understand the terms of this coverage and what it does and does not include and evaluate whether the coverage meets your individual needs. You should discuss with your parents/guardians whether you wish to purchase additional trip interruption/cancelation coverage at your own expense from an independent travel insurance provider.

      What if Drew cancels my shortTREC? 

      CGE reserves the right to cancel or suspend a program as deemed necessary. As an accepted applicant, you are given a full refund of all fees paid in the event that the CGE cancels the shortTREC.

    • Ready to apply?Click LEARN MORE on the individual shortTREC pages to access an application, research program costs, courses and eligibility requirements.

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