Social Impact, Education, Law & Government

“Education is the great equalizer.”—M. Teresa Ruiz (C’98 – New Jersey State Senator and Chair of the Senate Education Committee)

The Social Impact, Education, Law & Government career community brings together members of the Drewniverse who are seeking pathways to prepare the next generation of leaders committed to bettering their communities, or pursuing careers and opportunities to advocate for issues they care about and serve the public good. This is a space where everyone can share ways of working in and with community-based organizations, government agencies, schools, and other organizations committed to improving the lives of others.

You are invited to share your experiences and resources that may support individual pathways, connect with current students to offer insight and advice, and post and inform the broader community of internship, community engagement, or job opportunities.

Social Impact Think Tank Debuts, Releases Survey

Good Worldwide, Good Worldwide’s social media operation Upworthy, and Net Impact, Oakland, Calif., have formed an alliance and launched Good Institute, a social impact nonprofit thought leader and social action think tank. The new, California headquartered think tank’s mission is …

Posted by Julia Hrynkiewicz
Julia Hrynkiewicz
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Addressing Anti-Asian Racism: Q&A with Lu Dong and Jennifer Bouey

by Lu Dong, Jennifer Bouey, Michael D. Rich

September 8, 2021

Jennifer Bouey had a warning for the members of Congress sitting in front of her. It was March 2020. Schools were closing, streets were emptying, and she was testifying …

Posted by Linwood Riddick
Linwood Riddick
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How RAND Applies an Equity Lens to Research and Analysis

A boy in the Hillcrest section of Corpus Christi, Texas, at the fence line of a refinery in August 2007

Photo by Peter Essick/Cavan Images/Alamy

July 7, 2021

Black Americans are much more likely than White Americans to live near …

Posted by Linwood Riddick
Linwood Riddick
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United Way’s ALICE Report: The Pandemic Divide

From Kiran Handa Gaudioso, CEO, United Way of Northern New Jersey:

The Pandemic Divide: An ALICE Analysis of National COVID Surveys report takes a detailed look at the vastly different pandemic experiences of low-income and higher-income households throughout the nation.

Posted by Amy Sugerman
Amy Sugerman Assistant Director, Center for Civic Engagement
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College Students’ National Week of Deliberation (November 1–6)

Experience a full week of online Common Ground for Action (CGA) deliberative forums exclusively for college students. The National Week of Deliberation forum series aims to connect college students from across the country in deliberation in a way that maximizes …

Posted by Linwood Riddick
Linwood Riddick
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New Courses and Special Electives

Theatre in the Community: The Newark Collaboration

Lisa Brenner & Kimani Fowlin
Drew students work with high school students from the Newark public schools in a collaborative theater-making enterprise, serving as mentors…

Innovation Action Lab

Susan Rosenbloom
Innovation Action Lab (CE-270) is a 2 credit course that students can enroll in which engages in creative problem solving…

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Lisa Jordan
This course introduces Geographic Information Systems (GIS): a combination of the hardware, software, and community involved in the collection, distribution,…

Food, Justice, and US Literature

Summer HArrison
This course examines the intersection of food, justice, and 20th/21st century U.S. literature in order to understand how our ideas…

Applied Performance: Sexual Consent

Marie-Pascale Pieretti
Exposes students to the field of Applied Theatre and experiential education using Speak About It’s theatrical consent education as a…

Current Events and Contemporary France

Marie-Pascale Pieretti
This course explores Contemporary France. Through different themes central to French society it examines, for example, cultural diversity, gastronomy, education,…

Allied Against Hatred: Black-Jewish Relations in America

Jonathan Golden
The Civil Rights Era was known as a time of alliance and affinity between Jewish and Black people in America.…

Sociology of Education

Susan Rosenbloom
This course has a dual focus: to participate in a community school by working in the after-school program in Orange,…

Civic Media

Jeremy Blatter
Civic Media explores the theoretical, ethical, and technical dimensions of socially engaged documentary filmmaking through critical readings, discussion, and production-based…

Medical Geography

Lisa Jordan
Medical Geography investigates the intersections of health and place. The objectives of the course are to illuminate the importance of…

Geographic Information Systems

Lisa Jordan
This course introduces Geographic Information Systems (GIS): a combination of the hardware, software, and community involved in the collection, distribution,…

Advanced Geographic Information Systems

Lisa Jordan
Advanced Geographic Information Systems expands on introductory GIS material by exploring topics in spatial statistics, programming, and multimedia.  Research topics…

Community Literacy and Public Rhetoric in the Archives

Jens Lloyd
In this course, students will serve as archival researchers for Cornerstone Family Programs & Morristown Neighborhood House in Morristown, an…

Choreography & Performance Studies

Kimani Fowlin
Within this community-based learning course students will experience the transformative powers of dance to create community. Come experience the wonders…

Special Topics in Civic Engagement: Refugees & Resettlement

Jonathan Golden
Explores the many dimensions of the global refugee crisis, with a specific focus on resettlement. Working in partnership with the…

The NonProfit Sector

Tracy Andrews
Examines the types, development, and contributions of nonprofit organizations including the political, social, and economic importance of this sector. Topics…