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Social Impact, Education, Law & Government

“Education is the great equalizer.”—M. Teresa Ruiz (C’98 – New Jersey State Senator and Chair of the Senate Education Committee)

The Social Impact, Education, Law & Government career community brings together members of the Drewniverse who are seeking pathways to prepare the next generation of leaders committed to bettering their communities, or pursuing careers and opportunities to advocate for issues they care about and serve the public good. This is a space where everyone can share ways of working in and with community-based organizations, government agencies, schools, and other organizations committed to improving the lives of others.

You are invited to share your experiences and resources that may support individual pathways, connect with current students to offer insight and advice, and post and inform the broader community of internship, community engagement, or job opportunities.

Student Spotlight: Gabrielle Lugbauer C’22

Gabrielle Lugbauer_photo 2

Gabrielle Lugbauer C’22
Majors: Studio Art and History
Minors: Art History, Museum Studies and Cultural Management
Launch Career Community: Arts, Communications & Languages and Social Impact, Education, Law & Government
Civic Scholar
Social Media Manager and former Office Assistant for …

Posted by Yasmin Acosta
Yasmin Acosta Launch Catalyst Yasmin Acosta
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Finding The Best Law School For You!

Finding The Best Law School For You!

Worried about finances, location, and requirements? Don’t know what school has the best programs for you? The Law School Admission Council provides a guide to find the best fit for you. The guide helps you learn what factors to consider …

Posted by Kareena Salvi
Kareena Salvi Undergraduate Assistant for Internship Management Kareena Salvi
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Help Students Make the Most of Interviews

Middle Web

“Interview an expert on this topic!”
“Interview a scientist in the field!”
“Interview a relative about this period in history!”


Asking our students to interview someone sounds like an engaging learning activity, right? For many students, though, this may …

Posted by Dawn LoMauro
Dawn LoMauro Operations Manager/Exec Asst to the Assoc Provost Dawn LoMauro
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Looking for a Meaningful Summer Internship or Job? or LinkedIn can Help


Right now, many students are looking for summer internships and jobs in the non-profit or social impact sectors that will build their skills and resumes, and advance their personal and professional goals. Right here in all career communities on Launchpad, …

Posted by Amy Sugerman
Amy Sugerman Assistant Director, Center for Civic Engagement Amy Sugerman
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8 Reasons Students Need Technology in the Classroom

8 Reasons Students Need Technology in the Classroom thumbnail image

Technology continues to have a profound impact on today’s students, allowing students across the globe to compete on equal footing and to broaden their horizons like never before. With the help of technology, the ever-changing needs of modern learners are …

By Emily Andrews - Vault
A comprehensive resource for students and job seekers looking for career advice, job postings, company reviews from employees, and rankings of the best companies and industry employers.
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Featured Resources

Women’s Scholarship

Don’t miss this scholarship opportunity from the American Association of University Women (AAUW) – Greater Wayne Area Branch!

Applications are …

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: (The applicant MUST meet ALL of these requirements.)

The applicant must:

1 – be a woman.

2 – …

“A legal education can open the door to a wide range of career opportunities. The LSAC PLUS Program offers aspiring …

Student Textbook Lending Library
About the Student Lending Library

The Student Textbook Lending Library is a collection of donated textbooks from current students enrolled …

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program
Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program

Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants are pleased to be able to continue with our scholarship …

Vault Guides

Vault Guide to the Top Law Firms for Products Liability, 2020 Edition

The Vault Guide to the Top Law Firms for Products Liability is an in-depth, candid guide on the most prestigious …

Vault Guide to the Top Law Firms for Project Finance, 2020 Edition

The Vault Guide to the Top Law Firms for Project Finance is an in-depth, candid guide on the most prestigious …

Vault Guide to the First Year of Law School

The Vault Guide to the First Year of Law School offers advice for new law students on surviving law school, landing a …

New Courses and Special Electives

BST 287 – Applied Analysis of Social Entrepreneurship

This course compliments BST 387, with a focus on hands on approaches to social entrepreneurship, as well as on obtaining…

PHIL 304 – Ethics and Society

Critical discussions of issues in contemporary moral philosophy ion the areas of applied ethics, normative ethics and social policy.  Issues…

LAST 101 – Societies of Latin America and the Caribbean

From Patagonia to the Rio Grande, from the Andean Altiplano to the Islands of the Antilles, Latin America and the…

Special Topics in Civic Engagement: Refugees and Resettlement

Prof. Jonathan Golden
This course explores the many dimensions of the global refugee crisis, with a specific focus on resettlement. Working in partnership…

Advanced Environmental Science

Prof. Alex Bajcz
In this course, upper-level environmental science/studies majors will serve as consultants for the Borough of Madison, NJ business community. In…

Medical Geography

Prof. Lisa Jordan
Medical Geography investigates the intersections of health and place. The objectives of the course are to illuminate the importance of…

Social Policy and Inequality in America (Honors)

Prof. Patrick McGuinn
This course is an online, upper-level, community-based learning seminar on social policy and inequality in America for students interested in…

Homelessness: Learning in Action

Prof. Judy Pryor Ramirez
Students will engage the issue of homelessness and the role faith communities play in addressing it through Drew University’s Neighbors-in-Need…

Theatre in the Community: The Newark Collaborative

Prof. Chris Ceraso, Judy Tate
This course is a collaborative theatre-making enterprise in which Drew students will team with high school students from the Newark inner…

Writing for Wikipedia: Sources, Styles, and Sentences

Prof. Sandra Jamieson
This course invites students to engage in public writing and to perfect their writing and information literacy skills while they…

Applied Analysis of Social Entrepreneurship

Prof. Maliha Safri
This course compliments ECON 286: Social Entrepreneurship: Theorizing Global Trends, with a focus on hands-on approaches to social entrepreneurship, as…