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Choreography & Performance Studies

Instructor: Kimani Fowlin
Credits: 4

Within this community-based learning course students will experience the transformative powers of dance to create community. Come experience the wonders of dance and learn from acclaimed professional dancers and choreographers through a Brooklyn Academy of Music and Drew partnership. Students will assist in creating workshops at local public schools and experience a sampling of life as a dance teaching artist. Drew students will serve as mentors to college bound high school students. This unique opportunity will culminate in a performance both on campus and at BAM. There will be a sharing of learning objectives demonstrated through the final collaborative presentations of Drew and the high school student mentees. The class will include off-campus travel. Students will need to register for both the course and the lab. Permission to register for the course must be granted by the instructor.

Attributes: CLA-Breadth/Arts; CLA-Community Based Learning; CLA-Immersive Experience; CLA-Off Campus Experience; Community-Engaged Proj & Learn; CLA-CEA and Au Pair

Prerequisite: Danc 101 or Danc 220

Meeting Time/Days

  • Days / Times: Monday 11:50 AM – 2:30 PM and Wednesday (Lab) 11:50 AM – 2:30 PM
  • Term: Spring, 2021

Registration Information

  • DANC 322 (CRN 10037) / DANC 322L (CRN 10039)

About Community-Based Learning Courses

CBL classes foster the ability to connect academic learning with action in the world by working with off-campus community organizations. They seek to benefit their partner organizations and our shared community by addressing a need or strengthening a capacity that serves the common good. In a CBL course, you apply what you learn to real-world problems, providing a “mini-internship” that gives you the opportunity for career exploration, experience working in diverse communities, and the chance to help build your professional network. All CBL classes have been approved as Immersive Experiences.

For questions: For questions related to the course, contact the instructor/s. For general questions about Community Based Learning courses contact the Center for Civic Engagement at

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