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Advanced Environmental Science

Professor: Alex Bajcz
Credits: 4

In this course, upper-level environmental science/studies majors will serve as consultants for the Borough of Madison, NJ business community. In this capacity, students will critically evaluate each participating business’s contributions to and/or exposures from climate change and its associated processes and effects. This will require gathering hard data using a variety of discipline-specific methods that the students will tailor, effect, and defend. Students will have to meet regularly with their clients, work to clearly understand their needs, operate within their interests and parameters, and deliver actionable products to their clients in written and verbal reports. Students must demonstrate respect and empathy in their conversations with their clients, and client satisfaction with the students and their products will be graded. Students must operate throughout within the goal of recommending positive but practical and agreeable action within their adopted community. Students will need to gather, handle, analyze, and present relevant hard data, as a scientist would, to support their recommendations and conclusions. Students will also need to develop, hone, and eventually master science writing as part of their grade.

Meeting Time/Dates

  • Time: 1:15-3:45pm
  • Day: Thursdays
  • Term: Spring, 2021

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About Community-Based Learning Courses

CBL classes foster the ability to connect academic learning with action in the world by working with offcampus community organizations. They seek to benefit their partner organizations and our shared community by addressing a need or strengthening a capacity that serves the common good. In a CBL course, you apply what you learn to real-world problems, providing a “mini-internship” that gives you the opportunity for career exploration, experience working in diverse communities, and the chance to help build your professional network. All CBL classes have been approved as Immersive Experiences.

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