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Current Events and Contemporary France

Instructor: Marie-Pascale Pieretti
Credits: 4

This course explores Contemporary France. Through different themes central to French society it examines, for example, cultural diversity, gastronomy, education, family, media, etc. The general structure follows a thematic perspective and allows students to discover, and also deepen their understanding of what constitutes the values and institutions of France today. Through different types of texts (articles, films, songs, etc.) , and thanks to discussions, debates, presentations, essays, students will develop their critical analysis while improving their oral and written skills (comprehension and production). The course includes a learning unit and civic service in the community (Community-based-Learning project). This partnership promotes the exchange of points of view from various cultural perspectives on different contemporary themes (media, immigration, family, education, etc.) which are covered in class. This community-based exchange promotes open-mindedness and a culture of community engagement. These class discussions raise students’ awareness of the wealth of charitable organizations in the United States and France and the impact they can have on their local communities and more widely on the world.

Meeting Time/Dates

  • Time: 10:25-11:40am
  • Day: Monday & Wednesday
  • Term: Fall, 2021

Registration Information

  • Prerequisite: FREN-201 or FREN-281
  • FREN-302 Current Events and Contemporary France (CRN: 10100)

About Community-Based Learning Courses

CBL classes foster the ability to connect academic learning with action in the world by working with offcampus community organizations. They seek to benefit their partner organizations and our shared community by addressing a need or strengthening a capacity that serves the common good. In a CBL course, you apply what you learn to real-world problems, providing a “mini-internship” that gives you the opportunity for career exploration, experience working in diverse communities, and the chance to help build your professional network. All CBL classes have been approved as Immersive Experiences.

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