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Drew Action Seminar I: Thinking Through Problems

Instructor: Amy Koritz, Jonathan Golden, Minjoon Kouh
Credits: 2

Examines in-depth a few case studies of complex challenges relevant to all focus areas (civic/community, global, innovation), with brief introductions to three or four additional challenges. Assignments help students explore and interpret a single challenge from multiple perspectives, brainstorm and research approaches to understanding this challenge and defining a specific problem underlying it. In preparation for the spring semester, students form teams to identify and define a challenge they would like to tackle. Examples of case study topics include specific topics within broad categories such as food, migration, water, work, disease, and energy that engage community, innovation, and global contexts.

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About Drew Action Scholars

Drew Action Scholars is a two-year program with a four-year scholarship, guided by a distinctive, results- and action-oriented approach to real-world problem-solving. Accepted students join a cohort of peers committed to communityinnovation and global impact in a connected world. All first-year Action Scholars are supported by a junior or senior peer mentor.

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