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Drew Action Seminar II: Exploring Solutions

Instructor: Amy Koritz, Lisa Jordan, Jonathan Golden
Credits: 4

Focuses on problems identified in the fall semester. Engages students through readings and critical analysis, with the ethical questions raised by how power, privilege, culture and other differences impact access to and success of real-world attempts to address the identified needs and challenges to provide context and depth to their approaches. Students will have an opportunity to work in their teams to analyze and develop strategies for proposing and implementing an action plan to address their challenge. Coursework includes researching best practices, consulting with relevant public and community groups, clients, customers, or other stakeholders, developing an action plan, taking action based on that plan, and preparing to present and facilitate a dialogue on their approach for the spring Action Scholars Town Hall Dialogue and Pitch Event. Reserved for students accepted into the Action Scholars program.

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About Drew Action Scholars

Drew Action Scholars is a two-year program with a four-year scholarship, guided by a distinctive, results- and action-oriented approach to real-world problem-solving. Accepted students join a cohort of peers committed to communityinnovation and global impact in a connected world. All first-year Action Scholars are supported by a junior or senior peer mentor.

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