Gender & Sexuality

HIST 370 – History of Sexuality

Credits: 4

This research seminar explores some of the major themes and milestones in the modern history of sexuality in the United States and Europe, focusing special attention on the role of medicine in these developments. Following a theoretical introduction to the field, the seminar will address, among other topics, the “invention” of homosexuality and the regulation of prostitution; the impact of thinkers like Krafft-Ebbing, Freud, and Kinsey; and such recent controversies as the new diagnosis of sex addiction and the search for a gay gene. Special emphasis will be placed on evaluating the role of class, race, gender, and ethnicity upon constructions of sexuality. In addition to a substantial research paper, students will be required to write three shorter response papers and deliver class presentations based upon their readings. Offering to be determined. CLA-Breadth/Humanities, CLA-Diversity US

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