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Ireland in the World: Peace and Social Justice (shortTREC – January 2020)

Professor: Jonathan Golden

January 2020 | Dublin and Donegal, Ireland; and Belfast, Northern Ireland

Program Fee: $2,500


Start your journey in Dublin, Ireland’s breathtaking (and bustling) capital city. Venture on to the unspoiled northwest coast, to County Donegal, taking in lush countryside and magnificent sea cliffs and visiting iconic sites of Irish history, from the Stone Age to the Great Famine. Visit Belfast to learn how peace arose from grief in the wake of “The Troubles.”


Identity and the Irish Experience

What are the major aspects of the Irish cultural experience, and to what extent is it international and multicultural? How do different conceptions of identity lead to social and political conflict? Is the concept of “Irishness” problematic?


Synthesize Academic and Experiential Learning

Understand Irish life and culture in its various complexities, critically examining conflict and colonialism, famine and poverty, identity and ethnicity. Visit historic and cultural sites bearing on these themes: read, observe and engage with locals and experts. Conduct an independent study of a facet of the Irish experience, then attend—and maybe present at—an academic symposium.


This interdisciplinary program is a great choice for students of any major seeking to build cultural affinity and global awareness. Attending (and presenting at) an international symposium is a valuable academic experience for every student, particularly those considering graduate study.

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