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Music: Soundscape of Film – MUS 232

In the words of American film director David Lynch, “half the film is picture, the other half is sound;… they’ve got to work together.” In this course we will explore the soundscape of film and the role that music plays within that soundscape. The goal is to analyze how what we hear interacts with what we see when we watch a film. Students will learn basic listening/viewing skills by exploring the relationship between music and sound, sound and narrative, music and film form, and music and film style. Then, to understand how technology has influenced the role of sound in film, we will survey the most prominent technological developments from the early years of the twentieth century to the current day. Course work consists of a class presentation, quizzes on readings/viewings, and writing assignments building to a final paper based on a specific film soundscape. the lab is for the screening of films. No prior knowledge of music or film is necessary. Graded: Regular. BHUM, BART, BINT
4.000 Credit hours

Fall 2019

Music: Soundscape of Film – 10525 – MUS 232 – F