Ethnic / Racial Heritage

PSCI 318 – Race and Politics

Credits: 4

This course will examine the role of race in American politics and its contemporary significance to the nation’s citizens, politicians, and governmental institutions. Questions will include: What are the primary intra- and inter-group dynamics that shape contemporary minority politics? How do the politics of race intersect with the politics of class and gender? What opportunities and challenges exist in mobilizing the members of minority groups for political action in the U.S.? What role have racial issues and attitudes played in the electoral strategies of political parties and candidates and in the electoral choices of voters? How do the structures and processes of American political institutions affect the efforts of minority groups to secure political influence? How has the rise to power of minority politicians-particularly in many urban areas-affected policymaking? How successful have minority groups been in their quest to use government to expand economic and educational opportunity? How are demographic forces likely to reshape the politics of race and -American politics more generally- in the 21st century?. Offered annually. CLA-Diversity US, CLA-Writing Intensive

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