Class YearFaith, Religion & SpiritualityFirst-yearJuniorReligion, Theology & MinistrySeniorSophomoreTheo School Student

REL 101 – Introduction to World Religions

Credits: 4

An introduction to the study of religion through an examination of the world religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Students are introduced to the historical method of analyzing the making of each tradition over time, and to the comparative method of analyzing patterns across traditions towards creating a globally accurate definition of religion. The course investigates the variety of ways in which each tradition establishes beliefs and values, and its mobilization of them in experiences and practices. Through field trips to sacred spaces currently used for worship of each tradition in the U.S. context, the course explores religion’s connections with public space, community, and the arts. Offered spring semester. CLA-Breadth/Humanities, CLA-Diversity International, CLA-Diversity US

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