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SOC 318 JT – Sociology of Education

Professor: Susan Rosenbloom
Credits: 4

About the Course:

Sociology of Education has a dual focus: to participate in community based learning at Rosa Parks Community School in Orange, NJ, while studying the interaction between education and society. These components will interact and inform each other so that class readings are connected to your work in Orange, which in turn enriches your understanding of the sociology of education. This class will investigate relationships between schools and society, including (1) the functions of schooling (e.g. sorting, credentialing, stratifying); (2) the reproduction of racial/ethnic, gender and class inequalities; and (3) the use of schooling to define and create citizens. We will explore issues in contemporary American public education such as high-stakes testing, teacher training, school-choice, and unequal education in urban and suburban areas. We also examine cross-national comparisons of educational reform in Finland, Singapore, and South Korea to consider how the American system can be improved. The high poverty rate among children in the U.S. (21%, almost 15 million people) and other ongoing inequalities will be analyzed in relation to the possibility of overhauling the American educational system.

About Community-Based Learning:

Community Based Learning (CBL) classes, also sometimes called Service Learning Classes, foster the ability to connect academic learning with action in the world. At Drew, CBL classes strengthen community partners that serves the common good. They fulfill the Off-Campus Experience requirement and qualify as one of the Launch program’s immersive experiences.

Course Schedule:

Wednesdays 1:15 – 3:45 PM

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