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SOC 330-KZ (CRN: 10211): Social Movements and Collective Behavior

Professor: Kesha Moore
Credits: 4

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the problems of our times. What can ordinary people do to bring about social change? How can they organize themselves effectively without sacrificing the very values for which they are fighting? This course combines: 1) reading, discussion, and writing about strategies for social change; 2) workshops on practical organizing skills like participatory decision-making, publicity and outreach, campaign research, nonviolent tactics, alliance-building, etc.; and 3) a service-learning project supporting advocacy in a local community based organization. Students who have either prior coursework in social issues/social movements or activist experience are encouraged to enroll. The course is designed to have a strong experiential component. It is meant to give you practical knowledge of various kinds of organizing skills and hands-on experience using them in a collective project. At the same time, we will be discussing these issues and the various options we look at with an evaluative eye, considering the practical and ethical implications of various options available to organizers in terms of how to mobilize people, how to deal with the media, what strategies for social change work best, what tactics, etc. Prerequisite: SOC 101 or SOC 1X.

Attributes: CLA-Off Campus Experience, CLA-Community Based Learning

Thursdays 1:15 – 3:45 PM

About CBL Courses

CBL classes foster the ability to connect academic learning with action in the world by working with off-campus community organizations. They seek to benefit their partner organizations and our shared community by addressing a need or strengthening a capacity that serves the common good. In a CBL course, you apply what you learn to real-world problems, providing a “mini-internship” that gives you the opportunity for career exploration, experience working in diverse communities, and the chance to help build your professional network.