Arts, Communications & LanguagesEthnic / Racial Heritage

Memories and Migration: U.S. Latinos in Literature & Film – SPAN 320

Credits: 4

This course studies works that follow the tradition of the (auto)biographical and life writings modes of self-representation as they examine the migration, dislocation and settlement in the U.S. of individuals and communities and their process of cultural negotiation and integration. We will focus on their discursive strategies in relation to the past, nostalgia and memory. We will engage these works with current social elements, such as mass media and local and national policies. Using postcolonial theories of discourse, we will also examine how these works situate themselves in light of emerging cultural identities and new cultural realignments. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPAN 310 or special permission. CLA-Breadth/Humanities, CLA-Diversity US, CLA-Writing Intensive

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