Gender & Sexuality

WGST 101 – Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

Credits: 4

An interdisciplinary course designed to lay the groundwork for the women’s and gender studies major and minor. Also appropriate as a first course for any student interested in pursuing the study of gender within their major field. This U.S. focused course considers questions fundamental to the field: What is a woman? What is gender? What is sex? How does culture construct gender and gender difference? How do gender, race, class, ethnicity, and sexuality intersect and interact?; the course, also, lays the groundwork for further work in the field by introducing students to analytical and critical concepts and approaches for understanding the lives of women and the construction of gender within larger social, political, and cultural structures; and it considers how we think about individual lives using these questions. Required for women’s and gender studies majors and minors. Offered spring semester annually. CLA-Breadth/Interdisciplinary, CLA-Diversity US, CLA-Writing Intensive

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