If you are looking for a semester- or year-long experience that deeply immerses you in a different world, apply for one of our longTRECs.  A semester long off-campus study can be an exciting and rewarding experience, offering ample opportunities to practice and develop career worthy transferable skills such as adaptability, tolerance for uncertainty and cross cultural communication. It is not a “break” in the progress towards your degree, but rather an integral part which will expose you to different ways of thinking, develop your awareness of critical issues and ideas, and provide you with a better understanding of yourself in relation to the world in which you live. If you are mature and academically committed, with an open mind towards other peoples and cultures, you are a good candidate for a longTREC experience.

Drew offers a variety of longTREC experiences whether you attend Drew’s signature London Semester or select a program through one of our many Global Partners. Explore your options or meet with Global Education to to discuss which program is the best fit for your academic and personal goals.

The London Semester

The London Semester Center for Global Education

London, United Kingdom
About the program The London Semester is offered every fall (exception for the 21/22 academic year where it will be …