Please be aware that global education programs carry some additional expense for which you should plan. Besides Drew tuition, costs to consider are travel, room and board as well as personal expenses. Other expenditures, for things such as non-program sponsored travel, entertainment and souvenirs, will vary depending on the exchange rate, living standards in the chosen country, and your own personal tastes.

How much will it cost?

The cost of Drew’s TRECs vary by program.  What is included in that program cost will vary by program, too.  Most program costs include tuition, housing, and educational and cultural activities.  Airfare and meals may or may not be included, depending on program location. Please see the individual Program Brochures for specific cost details.

What about financial aid?

Drew is committed to making global education financially accessible. For a complete description of our financial aid policies, refer to our policies page.

Are there scholarships available for studying away?

YES! There are a number of scholarships available for studying away. ShortTREC Scholarships Center for Global Education Scholarship:  All matriculated students at the time of participating on a shortTREC are eligible for a scholarship that on average covers about twenty five percent of the program costs. Graduated seniors, Pathway students or non-degree seeking students are not eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship application can be found in the shortTREC application and we encourage all eligible students to complete the application. Scholarship recipients will be notified shortly after acceptance to the program before the program deposit is due. Depending on the scholarship requirements, you might also be eligible for non-Drew affiliated scholarships.

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