Global Partner Programs

About Global Partner Programs

To offer the widest possible array of choices for global education, Drew maintains affiliations with Global Partners – educational programs providers selected by Drew based on their high academic and administrative quality – to provide opportunities for study around the world. These Global Partner Programs have been approved by the faculty for transfer credit for your Drew degree.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Juniors/1st semester seniors
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Good disciplinary standing


  • Fall Semester: March 10
  • Spring Semester: October 10

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  • How do I apply for a longTREC? The longTREC application process is a two-step process that can be completed simultaneously. The longTREC application will be considered complete once you have submitted an application through the Center for Global Education and an application directly with the Global Partner Program of your choosing. To access an application to a longTREC through Drew, you must first schedule a meeting with the Center for Global Education to determine which program is the best fit for your personal and academic interest. Once you have met with Global Education, you will be granted access to a longTREC application. We invite you to browse Drew’s program partners listed below prior to our meeting. While researching programs, be sure to set your filters on the partner websites to semester-long programs only. You can also search using filters for your your particular academic interests or by location. Click the tab Get Started to schedule your first meeting. Submitted applications will be reviewed once the application deadline has passed. Please expect an email notification of your application status two to three weeks after the deadline from the Center for Global Education and a notification directly from the Global Partner Program. You must be accepted through both the Center for Global Education and the Partner Program to study on a longTREC.
  • What will my program cost? You will pay regular Drew tuition as you would if you were on campus and in return, receive Drew credit (Drew will pay the cost of the program to your program provider). You will also be billed by Drew for the cost of room and meals for the program (if they are provided by the program). In summary, you will pay Drew tuition, but rather than pay room and board on Drew’s campus, you will pay the room and board determined by your Global Partner Program for the semester you are away.Who do I pay a deposit to? A Global Partner might ask you to pay a deposit once you have been accepted to the program. You will be responsible for paying any non-refundable advance deposit required by your program sponsor directly to the Global Partner. Drew will credit the amount of the deposit to your student account to ensure that the deposit goes towards your overall program bill. Do not pay a deposit until you have been fully accepted by both Drew University and your Global Partner Program.How is my billing determined? Depending on the program, you will be billed accordingly: Programs that charge tuition in addition to housing and/or meals: You will be billed for Drew tuition and the actual cost of room and/or meals, as set by the program. You are responsible for airfare, insurance, other non-tuition charges, and meals (if not included in program fee). Programs that charge tuition only: You will be billed for Drew tuition only. You are responsible for paying all other expenses directly.

    Can I still receive financial aid studying away? You will continue to be eligible for financial aid while studying on a longTREC Global Partner Program. This includes federal and state loans and Drew merit scholarships and need-based grants. It does not include work study. In general, eligibility for financial aid is based on Drew tuition, cost of housing and meals for the program in which you are participating, and an allowance for books, travel and personal expenses. Drew merit scholarships that are part of a need-based financial aid package may be used to their full semester value for a longTREC Global Partner Program. However, if your merit scholarship exceeds your financial need, and you enroll in a longTREC Global Partner Program, the value of the merit scholarship will be the lesser of the original semester award or the difference between tuition at Drew and the cost of the Global Partner Program. Please consult with your Financial Assistance counselor early in the process. Please be aware that financial policies may change over time. The financial aid you receive will be based on the policy in place for the semester that you study away, NOT the semester in which you apply.

    What scholarships are available for a longTREC?Your Global Partner might offer scholarships that you are encouraged to apply for. You might also be eligible for national scholarships. You can explore a variety of study away scholarships on the Center for Global Education’s Website.

  • How many credits will I enroll in?As a participant in a longTREC partner program, you are expected to be enrolled in a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 20 credits per semester.How do I ensure my courses are approved before I go? Your anticipated courses must be pre-approved to receive transfer credit by completing the “Pre-Approval for Credit Study Elsewhere” electronic form. You will need to provide course descriptions for courses you plan to take at the host university. If the courses you plan to take change, you must submit a new form. There is a Notes/Comment box on the form that you can use to let the Office of the Registrar know if the courses are in addition to the first request or in place of. This is helpful to know in case you need to make any course adjustments while abroad. Once courses are approved they will appear in your Ladder with grades of ‘TN’ under the “Insufficient” section. This will help you determine which courses have been approved and will transfer back. It can take anywhere from three days to a few weeks for approval based on whether there is an existing Drew equivalency in the system or not. Department chairs may need to be consulted. You will only be contacted if further information is needed or a course is not approved. The pre-approval process is a part of your longTREC application.

    How might a longTREC affect my GPA? You will receive credit for courses in which you earn a grade of C- or better. Course titles, credits and grades appear on your transcript, but grades do not count towards your Drew GPA. Participation in Partner Programs is limited to a total of two semesters.

    How many transfer credits can I have to still graduate from Drew?Drew limits the number of transfer credits allowed toward graduation to 80 credits. If you already have substantial AP and other transfer credits, you should check with the Registrar and your advisor to be sure that you will have the 48 Drew credits required for graduation.

    What is STAB 301 and why will I be registered for this course? During your semester abroad, you will be enrolled in STAB 301, which will serve as a placeholder until the Registrar’s Office receives your transcript certifying successful completion of the program of study. Once the transcript is received, STAB 301 will be replaced with the pre-approved courses. Upon completion of your study abroad/away, you must submit an official transcript reflecting the final grade to Drew University Office of the Registrar within 4 weeks of completion. Once grades are entered, the coursework will pull into any requirements the equivalencies fulfill in Ladder including major/minor requirements. Keep in mind, you can meet with your advisor to review Ladder and submit any petitions, if necessary, after grades are processed too.

  • Please schedule a meeting with the Center for Global Education to determine which program is the best fit for your personal and academic interest. Once you have met with Global Education, you will be granted access to a longTREC application. We invite you to browse Drew’s program partners listed below prior to our meeting. While researching programs, be sure to set your filters on the partner websites to semester-long programs only. Schedule a Meeting: longTREC Advising

Our Partners


American University’s program in Washington DC includes intensive and timely seminars taught by American University faculty, provocative and topical coursework for students interested in government, international affairs, public diplomacy, international organizations, communications, business, economics, social justice, criminal justice, and law.

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Arcadia University College of Global Studies

Arcadia Abroad is committed to providing impactful global experiences to students in several international locations. Student can study a variety of subjects alongside other international students and those attending Arcadia Abroad programs.

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Amideast is a leading American education nonprofit focused on international education, training, and development activities in the Middle East and North Africa. Founded in 1951, Amideast’s mission is to create hope, opportunity, and mutual understanding among people in the Middle East, North Africa, and the United States through life-changing opportunities for education and cultural exchanges.

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CIEE is a study abroad and intercultural exchange organization that sponsors a variety of opportunities for the exchange of ideas and opportunities. Drew University students studying with CIEE can choose from programs in the United Kingdom, South Korea, South Africa, France, Russia, and more.

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IES Abroad

IES Abroad is a nonprofit education abroad provider with over 140 study abroad and internship programs around the world. Whether it’s a semester in Germany, Chile, the Netherlands, or others, Drew University students can take advantage of a number of IES’ programs abroad.

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ISA provides a wide array of affordable education abroad opportunities and is committed to providing exceptional support for all participants. ISA offers programs around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Ireland.

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Spanish Studies Abroad

Spanish Studies Abroad has been providing international education experiences for university students since 1969. These high-quality programs in locations like Alicante and Seville provide Drew students with incredible opportunities to enroll in host universities like the Universidad de Alicante, Universidad de Sevilla, and the Universidad Pablo de Olavide.

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Temple University

Drew University partners with Temple University to provide students with opportunities to study abroad at Temple’s campuses in Rome, Italy or Tokyo, Japan. Student can study a variety of subjects alongside other international students and those attending Temple in Italy or Japan.

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School for Field Studies

The School for Field Studies (SFS) provides transformative study abroad experiences through field-based learning and research. These program focus on the social and ecological aspects of complex environmental issues facing host communities. Program destinations include Bhutan, Costa Rica, Tanzania, and Australia.

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Studio Arts College International (SACI)

SACI offers rare opportunities to engage with the Florentine community and directly access centuries of Italian culture as part of the study abroad experience. SACI’s programs offer a wide range of innovative, hands-on graduate and undergraduate programs in traditional and contemporary studio arts, design, conservation, art history, and the Italian language and culture.

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