Internship Awards

Thanks to the generous support of donors to the University, Drew offers a number of financial awards designed to offset the costs associated with internships. Most of these awards are available to support transportation and food costs. Some might even be able to provide a stipend for individuals with unpaid internships!

Steps to Receiving an Award

  1. First, you have to find an internship! If you haven’t found one already, you can start by looking through opportunities in the Career Communities that interest you, searching our Launchpad database, or connecting with a mentor. You can also schedule an appointment to meet with a Launch catalyst for tips on your search and for résumé and cover letter reviews.
  2. Now that you’ve landed the internship, it must be registered in order to be eligible for an award. Your internship will need an academic advisor serving as the faculty evaluator, so be thinking of that during your search! Students have two weeks from the start of their internship to register the experience. If the registration is taking place outside of the typical add/drop period, it may need to be petitioned through Academic Standing. Our team at can help with any questions.
  3. Your last step is applying for the actual award! Here is where you will find the application, descriptions of each award, and eligibility requirements. Similar to registration, award applications should be submitted within two weeks of the internship start date.

What to Expect

Awards are reviewed by an Internship Award Committee each week. If approved, your award will be distributed in the next pay period after the Committee meets. You can expect an update on the status of your application within two weeks of you submitting it. Please remember that internship awards are not guaranteed for any student.

Any questions should be directed to