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Start right here on Launchpad to explore Drew’s opportunities—meaningful experiences are unique to each one of us, so choose from a wide array of options. Drew 110 will help you explore your opportunities and plan for your immersion so you can expand your network of mentors at Drew and beyond. Here you can identify all pre-approved experiences by browsing the feed, or by searching using filters.

Innovation Action Lab

Innovation Action Lab (CE-270) is a 2 credit course that students can enroll in which engages in creative problem solving …

Susan Rosenbloom 2 credits
Theatre in the Community: The Newark Collaboration

Drew students work with high school students from the Newark public schools in a collaborative theater-making enterprise, serving as mentors …

Lisa Brenner & Kimani Fowlin 4 credits
The NonProfit Sector

Examines the types, development, and contributions of nonprofit organizations including the political, social, and economic importance of this sector. Topics …

Tracy Andrews 4 credits
Special Topics in Civic Engagement: Refugees & Resettlement

Explores the many dimensions of the global refugee crisis, with a specific focus on resettlement. Working in partnership with the …

Jonathan Golden 4 credits
Choreography & Performance Studies

Within this community-based learning course students will experience the transformative powers of dance to create community. Come experience the wonders …

Kimani Fowlin 4 credits
Community Literacy and Public Rhetoric in the Archives

In this course, students will serve as archival researchers for Cornerstone Family Programs & Morristown Neighborhood House in Morristown, an …

Jens Lloyd 4 credits
Advanced Geographic Information Systems

Advanced Geographic Information Systems expands on introductory GIS material by exploring topics in spatial statistics, programming, and multimedia.  Research topics …

Lisa Jordan 4 credits
Geographic Information Systems

This course introduces Geographic Information Systems (GIS): a combination of the hardware, software, and community involved in the collection, distribution, …

Lisa Jordan 4 credits
Medical Geography

Medical Geography investigates the intersections of health and place. The objectives of the course are to illuminate the importance of …

Lisa Jordan 4 credits