I became an Action Scholar Mentor because: welcoming new members of the Drew family to campus and supporting their endeavors are my favorite things to do. I believe in peer-to-peer mentor relationships are one of the best ways to build community. The CCE has helped me becoming a more conscious and strategic theatre artist, and I want to share the best parts of my experience with incoming Action Scholars

My favorite thing about being a Mentor is: Learning alongside my mentees about how to enact meaningful change. While I am a mentor, I am getting just as much insight from their journeys as I hope they are getting from my journey. I love sharing opportunities that have helped me grow and seeing the similar and different things these students get out of them.

The Action Scholars Students are: Unique, thoughtful, and passionate. They are insightful and make connections between the world around them and the world they want to see. Recently I invited my mentees to come to a production I dramaturged and a post-show discussion with an artist/activist. I was so moved when I saw my mentees entering the Zoom room for the event! Action Scholars use their care for the community to uplift everyone.