I became an Action Scholar Mentor because: The Civic Scholar program changed how I see and interact with the world and my community. It gave me amazing skills, experiences, and opportunities, and I was excited to share these with incoming Action Scholars. As an Action Scholar mentor, I get to share my own experiences and learn more about others, while still helping them develop the skills they need to start all their own community initiatives and projects for what they’re most passionate about.

My favorite thing about being a Mentor is: Working with my mentees on how to do meaningful service for the issues that mean the most to them. Every person has a different range of interests, passions, and backgrounds, so mentoring them helps me expand my knowledge and learn more about the great things they have done or want to do.

The Action Scholars Students are: incredibly compassionate, motivated, and dedicated to the work they do and the individuals that they help. In all of our interactions, it has been great to hear about the service they have done and the service they plan on doing. At our Civic and Action Scholar online retreat, their innovation, new and inclusive initiatives, and confidence stood out in the presentations of their ideas to help all members and aspects of society. I am so excited to see all the extraordinary work they will do in their years at Drew and to help them in any way that I can!