Daniel Pascoe Aguilar, PhD, MDiv is passionate about problem solving with students, alumnx, university communities, and organizations about meaningful partnerships and powerful strategies for the development of our new generation of leaders and our capacity to create a better reality together. Daniel is associate provost for experiential esucation and career development at Drew University. Prior to this, he served as executive director of Career Services at Ithaca College, director of the U of Oregon Career Center, executive director of Career Services at Seattle U, director of alumnx career services and associate director of employer relations at UNT, senior associate director and chair of career courses at Indiana University, director of the crisis center for homeless families of the SF County, and minister in diverse religious organizations in México and the US. He has completed three graduate degrees in the US: a PhD in Educational Systems from IU, a Master of Divinity from PTS, and an MS in Education from IU, as well as a BA in Industrial Design from UAM in México. In 2014, Daniel received the UO Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award. Throughout the last few years, he has had the opportunity to serve as faculty of the Career Services Institute of the West, chair of the IC Experiential Learning Alliance, the UO and IC Student Employment Enhancement initiatives, the UO Division of Student Life Multicultural Competence Organizational Development effort, the UOAdvantage Experiential Learning Interface Design Team, the UO DuckConnect Consortium and the UO International Student Career Alliance.