I became an Action Scholar Mentor because: I understand that navigating a myriad of opportunities is overwhelming. I am therefore committed to cultivating bona fide relationships with my mentees and empowering them to unearth their passions. I am happy to be a resource!

Being a Mentor, I get to: Listen to what my mentees are interested in or passionate about and subsequently connecting them with suitable opportunities in order to guide them in further discovering and developing their passions. I love to hear about their past experiences and advocacy efforts, Drew workshops and events they have attended, and their future plans.

The Action Scholars Students are: Passionate, curious, and engaged. They have expressed common interest in environment/sustainability and political advocacy. I have no doubt that their vibrant personalities and dedication to issues larger than themselves will result in local change and community improvement. They are involved in a plethora of volunteerism: tutoring, translating, phone-banking, letter-writing, and canvassing.