Student Employment Hiring Process

Before You Begin Working

Drew University works with a third-party human resources services provider called Oasis. In order to be considered a Drew employee, you must complete the onboarding steps below. These steps must be completed prior to the start date of your on-campus employment.

Criminal background checks are NOT required for on campus student employment.

#1 Complete Oasis Employee Onboarding

Please complete your student employee payroll onboarding by following the instructions below. This usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes.  The following are some useful tips and information for completing the EOB process:

  • You can find the Oasis client ID and employer PIN by logging in with your uLogin credentials here.
  • Please do not use any characters when entering your Social Security Number or phone number.
  • Please have your W-4 Filing Status and Withholding amount available.
  • Please have your Emergency contact information available (name and phone number)
  • For those interested in Direct Deposit, please have your bank routing and account number(s) available.

Note that this onboarding process only needs to be done once; not every time you get a different on-campus employment position.

#2 Present documents for I-9 verification

Upload photos of documents for I-9 verification to the dropbox

We are required to examine the documents that support all employee’s identity and eligibility to work in this country. Please provide your I-9 verification documents by clicking on the dropbox link or copy and paste into your browser and uploading your document photos here .

All I-9 information must be current and up-to-date, so in order to ensure compliance with this regulation, with this move to Oasis we are taking the opportunity to update all our records for ALL EMPLOYEES,  even if you have provided them in the past. For your convenience, the information about how to provide your I-9 documentation is below the Step 3 instructions.

#3 Enroll in the Employee Services Website

After you have completed uploading your I-9 documents, we will review the documents. Once that verification is complete (this may take 2-4 business days), you will receive an email with your employee ID and instructions for signing up on the ESW. The ESW is where you will review your pay stubs, make changes to your tax forms, etc.

For technical support, please contact the Oasis Employee Service Center representatives at 800-822-8704, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM ET.

If you have any questions about your student employment, you may contact:

If you have any questions about your I-9 or W-4 documents, you may contact:

#4 Sign the University Confidentiality Agreement

The University Confidentiality Agreement governs access to confidential information, data, systems, and tools. The provisions contained in this agreement are considered conditions of your participation in programs and employment offered by the University.

#5 Complete the Student Employment Agreement

The Student Employment Agreement sets out the expectations of both students and their employers, and is signed electronically by both during your on-campus employment orientation.