Job and Internship Posting Guidelines

Drew University offers organizations the opportunity to promote job, internship, and fellowship opportunities for our students and alumni through Handshake.

We reserve the right to not approve organizations or request additional information from an organization prior to granting posting access to Handshake and affirm our right to withhold this service from organizations or positions that are deemed to be inappropriate for our students and alumni in relation to their educational and career goals. Drew University is a member of and subscribes to the recruiting standards of, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). In keeping with NACE standards, we do not verify or screen job candidates. It is the responsibility of the employer to research candidates thoroughly. By using our system, posting organizations and representatives of posting organizations represent and warrant that they have the authority to bind such organization to this agreement. They further agree to abide by the NACE Professional Standards for University Relations and Recruiting and the Fair Labor Standards Act, including rules on internships and all other relevant law.

Drew University will not accept employers to Handshake that;

  • Function as staffing agencies, network marketing agencies, or other third-party employers;
  • Require applicants to make an initial investment, purchase of a franchise or supplies, pay for training, or have any other fiscal requirement;
  • Produce, sell, or market substances intended to be used in a medicinal fashion that is not approved by the FDA;
  • Offer solely commission-based positions;
  • Require an applicant’s personal data such as a social security number or bank account information at the time of application;
  • Misrepresent their organization by providing false or misleading information or that omit information relevant to their profile or job postings;
  • Do not have a federal tax ID number;
  • Do not offer positions inside the United States;
  • Violate federal, state, or local anti-discrimination/equal opportunity principles;
  • Violate federal, state, or local employment laws or regulations.