NJ ED Recruit

NJ ED Recruit (www.njedrecruit.com) is a free video interview platform for current and aspiring K-12 educators who want to:

  • Promote their employment candidacy with a confidential video interview

  • Increase their exposure across multiple New Jersey school districts 

  • Refine their virtual interview skills in a no worry, risk free virtual environment

NJ ED Recruit provides free access to current and aspiring educators by NJDOE certification category.  To learn more about how NJ ED Recruit works for K-12 teacher, student services and administrative candidates, please click here:


NJ ED Recruit is providing FREE ACCESS to New Jersey schools during the spring 2021 hiring season as an asynchronous virtual recruiting tool to: 

  • Actively recruit qualified school administrators, teachers, and support staff

  • Increase and diversify their job talent pool via educator video interviews

  • Secure candidate leads to streamline their hiring process