Student Textbook Lending Library

About the Student Lending Library

The Student Textbook Lending Library is a collection of donated textbooks from current students enrolled in a diverse course load. This collection of books is housed in the University Library, and can only be utilized by students who are considered need based, which includes the Francis B. Sellers Scholars, Federal Work-Study eligible students, and students whose financial aid package identifies them as need-based. These students are allowed to take out the textbook for a certain period of time outside of the library for their own study needs. This would assist students who have financial constraints get the same quality education as students who do not.

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Available Textbooks

The Student Lending Library offers a number of textbooks from a variety of subjects. Please note tha tthere is a limited number of textbooks available as donations arrive. We cannot guarantee to have the textbook you may be requesting available at this time.

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Donating Textbooks

Interested in donating your books to assist in this effort?  Donations can be made to the Drew University Library at designated times. Donations should be accompanied by a PostIt or other documentation noting that the book is a donation, the class title and number, and name of professor. Please contact for more information.