On-campus student employment opportunities benefit both Drew students and on-campus employers and can be a critical part of a student’s career exploration. Student employees work in almost every department at Drew and contribute to the work that is essential to Drew’s success. With more than 500 students working on-campus and in Federal Community Service Program partners, the work these student employees do helps build their resumes and transferable skills they will be able to use in any future job or internship.

Developing a Position

Thoughtful development of student employment positions can lead to a more fulfilling on-campus employment experience for both students and employers.

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Promoting Your Position

The Center for Internships and Career Development offers several tools to help you find on-campus student employees.

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The Hiring Process

The on-campus student employment hiring process is designed to mimic the process candidates undergo when applying for a full-time job or internship. As this may be a student’s first time applying for a professional position, employers are encouraged to view this process as a learning opportunity for potential candidates.

Prepare for the hiring process.

Student Employee Onboarding

The student employment onboarding process is designed to introduce employees to the work they’ll be doing, ensure employees and supervisors understand University policies and procedures, and provide ongoing training opportunities.

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